The Magimix Food Processor

It can be difficult to review kitchen equipment. Everyone has their own little idiosyncrasies when it comes to cooking and preparing food. What one person likes, another hates. When it comes to the topic of food processors, a whole new debate opens up between cooks everywhere. On the one hand, there are the traditional conservatives who believe that food should be prepared manually by the cook. Touching your ingredients is an important part of cooking. On the other hand, there are modernists who believe that man builds things to improve himself. Like the fork and knife, the food processor is the next logical step in the kitchen. It is hard to disagree when you get the chance to use the Magimix Food Processors.

The Magimix range first came out thirty years ago right at the beginning of the 80s. Considered revolutionary at the time, it is now hard to imagine a modern kitchen without a food processor. Like all tools, the food processor was designed to make life easier for man, and on this front, the Magimix does not disappoint.


There are several versions to choose from so this review will cover the basic functions which are common to all the models. For a start, things are kept simple. There are three buttons that allow access to all the functions. The motor automatically adjusts the power as you process so that you don’t have to worry about breaking it with a particularly tough vegetable or piece of meat. The processors all come in a range of different colors so you can choose one in keeping with your own taste.

When you first start using the processor you will be surprised at how efficient it is. Equipped with an ultra-quiet commercial-grade motor, the processor comes with a 12-year guarantee and all the parts come three years each. Not bad when you consider some of the models available on the market. There are three bowls with each processor – Main, Midi, and Mini – that allow the user to process food at different levels depending on what you’re making. The Midi bowl is designed for shredding and slicing and the Mini bowl is perfect for small quantities of food and comes with its own unique blade.

How does it perform?

A lot of TV chefs have been using Magimix for years and with good reason: it does what it says on the tin. Unlike other processors, it isn’t fiddly and with three buttons to control every function even a child could use it (though this is not recommended!). Quiet, compact, and easy to place out of the way when finished with, the Magimix trumps the competition by making the cooking process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. It is also easy to clean, banishing those nightmares of spending hours trying to get cake mix off a hard-to-reach part of the processor.


Whilst this processor is generally a little more expensive than the average competitor, the price is more than reflected in the quality and ease of use. If you buy online then you’ll often find purchasing a Magimix a lot cheaper than you would expect. Cooks should head over to Go-Electrical if you’re looking to pick one of these beauties up at an affordable price.